Ceasefire (Christmas Special)

December 15, 2017

An0maly (AJ Faleski)

September 22, 2017

"Don't talk about politics". Politics are known to be devisive. It's a topic people tend to avoid in fear of provoking an argument. Rapper/News Analyst, An0maly disagrees with this tactic. In this episode, we talk about how being so involved in politics affects his personal relationships. We also talk a bit about Hip Hop, Comedy, and of course Anxiety and Depression.



Ep ? - Vince Mejia

September 2, 2017

On this episode my friends Vince and D'Artagnan join me to disucss religion, politics, and of course, anxiety.


Ep 6 - Party Recap

August 19, 2017

no new guests, no new guests, no no.

IG: @sociallyrawkward

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Ep 5 - Jimmy Jaymz

August 11, 2017

jimmy jaymz, friend and host of the mma complex podcast, joins me to discuss meeting heroes, being cheated on, masking introversion, and much more.


Ep 4 - Sam Junkins

August 4, 2017

on this episode, my friend and co-worker, sam junkins, joins me to talk about anxiety, marijuana, dating co-workers, and more.


Ep 3 - Chris Rzigalinski

July 28, 2017

my friend chris rziggs joins me on episode 3. we talk awkward moments, travel, and depression. stick around for the outro where i perform a poem dedicated to chester bennington.


Ep 2 - Bobby V

July 21, 2017

bobby v joins me for episode 2. we talk comedy, partying, approaching well-known-comics, and more.


Ep 1 - Kyle KA

July 14, 2017

friend, comedian, and show producer, kyle ka, joins me for the first episode of socially rawkward. we talk comedy class, open mics, friendships and much more.